What’s a SCOBY?

Well technically a SCOBY is a living symbiotic community of bacteria and yeast or SCOBY for short. Why do we care?

Because the SCOBY is the heart of kombucha and what makes it much more than the equivalent of an iced tea.

During the fermentation process, bacteria and yeast form a mushroom-like film on the surface of the liquid. This is why kombucha is also known as “mushroom tea.”

The bacteria is Acetobacter (a genus of acetic acid bacteria). The yeast eats the sugar in the tea and excretes alcohol. The bacteria in turn eat the alcohol and create acetic acid. If you let your kombucha ferment long enough, it actually becomes vinegar. The outputs also include several other acidic compounds, trace levels of alcohol and the gases that make it fizzy.

The founder of Kiss Kombucha, Darcy Schack, discovered the healing benefits of kombucha when he was on his own healing journey, and over time has built up a ‘library’ of SCOBYs that he used as the base for each delicious brew.

Each batch of Kiss Kombucha is made by adding a SCOBY, along with yeast and sugar to black or green tea, then allowing it to ferment for a week or more.

A large amount of bacteria also grow in the mixture, so the finished product contains several species of lactic-acid bacteria which are know to have a probiotic function.