Why Kiss?

Kiss kombucha is a naturally fermented, probiotic tea beverage that provides some pretty cool health benefits.

Kombucha has been consumed around the world for many centuries, with renewed interest in its health-promoting effects. Science continues to show the role of microbes and probiotics in supporting a healthy gut biome, which is responsible for a good deal of our overall health.

The ingredients of Kiss are simple, natural, and organic – tea, organic sugar, water, and a little magic from a probiotic culture called a SCOBY – a “Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeasts.” The SCOBY ferments the tea, consuming the organic sugar and creating microbes and beneficial acids. Almost any fermentation creates a tiny bit of alcohol (less than 0.5% at time of production), but the microbes convert the alcohol into the beneficial acids, contributing to a slightly acidic probiotic product! Along the way, natural carbonation occurs.

The result is a low-sugar probiotic beverage that is slightly sweet, ever-so-slightly acidic, and minimally and naturally carbonated.

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